Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico online scam targeted more than $4M amid crisis

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — An online scam that targeted Puerto Rican agencies attempted to steal more than $4 million, police said Thursday, deepening co...
17:56 13 February 2022

Official: Puerto Rico govt loses $2.6M in phishing scam

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — Puerto Rico's government has lost more than $2.6 million after falling for an email phishing scam, according to a senior offic...
2:39 13 February 2022

Puerto Rico’s economy in limbo as governor rejects debt deal

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — Puerto Rico's fragile economy is facing an uncertain future after the island's governor rejected a settlement announced late S...
5:05 10 February 2022

House passes Puerto Rico aid in face of Trump veto threat

WASHINGTON — The Democratic-controlled House on Friday passed a $20 billion-plus aid package for Puerto Rico, where a swarm of earthquakes last month ...
17:50 7 February 2022

Puerto Ricans thrilled by flag sighting in Super Bowl

SAN JUAN — The screams echoed across Puerto Rico when Jennifer Lopez unfurled a feather cape representing the flag of the U.S. territory during the Su...
18:31 3 February 2022

Puerto Rico opens only 20% of schools amid ongoing quakes

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — Puerto Rico opened only 20% of its public schools on Tuesday following a strong earthquake that delayed the start of classes b...
12:01 28 January 2022

Ricky Martin finds inspiration in Puerto Rico protests

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — Ricky Martin’s wide smile began to fade as the Puerto Rican superstar talked about his next album.
4:02 28 January 2022

At Sundance, Lin-Manuel Miranda shares the spotlight

PARK CITY, Utah — Lin-Manuel Miranda knows that, for some, the story of his life is already written.
21:13 26 January 2022

Puerto Ricans protest in anger over unused emergency aid

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — Hundreds of people joined a protest Thursday organized by Puerto Rican singer René Pérez of Calle 13 fame in a demonstration r...
23:37 23 January 2022

Girl’s family: ‘Impossible’ to lean from cruise ship window

INDIANAPOLIS — The parents of an Indiana girl who fell to her death from the open window of a cruise ship docked in Puerto Rico contend it was “physic...
19:18 23 January 2022

Top Democrat pushing $3.4B emergency measure for Puerto Rico

WASHINGTON — A top House Democrat is introducing a $3.4 billion emergency spending bill to help Puerto Rico deal with a recent spate of earthquakes ro...
18:26 16 January 2022

Experts seek answers behind constant quakes in Puerto Rico

PONCE, Puerto Rico — Seismologists in southern Puerto Rico gingerly walked around a patch of dirt that marks the location of recently buried sensors t...
22:24 14 January 2022

Experts warn Puerto Rico not prepared for big earthquakes

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — More than two years ago, Hurricane Maria revealed that Puerto Rico was utterly unprepared for a powerful hurricane despite its...
5:00 13 January 2022

Magnitude 5.9 shock again rocks quake-stunned Puerto Rico

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — A magnitude 5.9 quake shook Puerto Rico on Saturday, causing millions of dollars of damage along the island’s southern coast, ...
23:49 11 January 2022

Will Puerto Ricans new to Florida swing state to Democrats?

DAVENPORT, Fla. — When Martha Santiago moved to Polk County, Florida, from Puerto Rico in 1979 to teach in one of the county's first bilingual schools...
16:13 10 January 2022

Puerto Rico earthquake aftermath deepens as govt seeks help

SAN JUAN — More than 2,000 people in shelters. Nearly one million without power. Hundreds of thousands without water.
15:28 9 January 2022

6.4 quake strikes Puerto Rico amid heavy seismic activity

PONCE, Puerto Rico — A 6.4-magnitude earthquake struck Puerto Rico before dawn on Tuesday, killing one man, injuring at least eight other people and c...
8:53 7 January 2022

5.8-magnitude quake strikes Puerto Rico, damaging homes

GUÁNICA, Puerto Rico — A 5.8-magnitude quake hit Puerto Rico before dawn Monday, unleashing small landslides, causing power outages and severely crack...
15:36 6 January 2022

Puerto Rico cockfighters go to ring in federal ban defiance

TOA BAJA, Puerto Rico — Felipe Espinal walked into his cockfighting establishment Wednesday night in the northern town of Toa Baja and held up a white...
6:13 19 December 2021

European planet-studying mission launches from South America

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — A European spacecraft launched from South America Wednesday on a three-year mission to study planets in other solar systems.
9:03 18 December 2021

Google digitizes artworks in Puerto Rico for 1st time

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — The 1953 painting by Rafael Tufiño Figueroa features his mother with a red scarf on her head, a determined look on her face an...
0:59 8 November 2021