Richard Nixon

Push to scale back US environmental law draws ire at hearing

DENVER — The Trump administration on Tuesday hosted the first of two hearings on its proposal to speed energy and other projects by rolling back a lan...
21:14 11 February 2022

Trump State of the Union won’t be 1st delivered amid turmoil

WASHINGTON — Two decades ago, President Bill Clinton addressed a nation transfixed by impeachment. He didn’t use the I-word once in a State of the Uni...
6:40 1 February 2022

Trump defense counsel Ken Starr says impeachment is ‘hell’

WASHINGTON — Impeachment, he said, “is hell.” A measure of "last resort.” A bad habit to be kicked.
21:02 27 January 2022

Trial highlights: Dems cry cover-up, Trump hails activists

WASHINGTON — From the floor of the Senate, Democratic impeachment prosecutors said Friday that Trump tried to cover up his actions with Ukraine, anoth...
0:51 25 January 2022

Economic adviser: China wants to keep negotiating with Trump

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump's economic adviser said Friday that he doesn't think China is slow-walking trade talks with the United States to s...
18:12 6 December 2021

Then and now: How Trump impeachment hearing is different

WASHINGTON — The public impeachment inquiry hearings this week usher in a rare and momentous occasion in American history as Congress debates whether ...
11:08 12 November 2021

Trump impeachment inquiry heads to live TV coverage

Back in 1973, tens of millions of Americans tuned in to what Variety called "the hottest daytime soap opera" — the Senate Watergate hearings that even...
5:02 11 November 2021

Stone cited Nixon as he urged witness to stonewall Congress

WASHINGTON — An ex-FBI agent is telling jurors that Donald Trump confidant Roger Stone quoted hero Richard Nixon as Stone urged an associate not to co...
18:16 7 November 2021

Pompeo criticizes China and long-held US views on country

WASHINGTON — Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is lashing out at China and accusing the Chinese Communist Party of adopting policies that run counter to ...
0:30 31 October 2021