Italy blasts virus panic as it eyes new testing criteria

ROME (AP) — With tourism tanking and panic rising, Italy tried to control the coronavirus in the realm of public percept...
20:34 27 February 2022

Pope cancels visit with Rome priests for ‘slight’ illness

VATICAN CITY (AP) — Pope Francis is sick and he skipped a planned Mass with Rome clergy across town on Thursday, officia...
10:31 27 February 2022

Pope observes usual Ash Wednesday customs in time of virus

VATICAN CITY (AP) — Pope Francis celebrated the Ash Wednesday ritual that marks the opening of the Catholic Church’s Len...
19:42 26 February 2022

Pepper, American sculptor who made Italy home, dies at 97

MILAN — Beverly Pepper, a fixture of the Roman “Dolce Vita” and renowned American sculptor who made Italy her home and backdrop to many of her monumen...
16:55 7 February 2022

Italy, Turkey screen all arriving passengers for coronavirus

ROME — Italy and Turkey said Wednesday they were taking the temperatures of all arriving airline passengers in new prevention measures aimed at haltin...
14:22 5 February 2022

Nationalists in Rome cheer Brexit, honor Pope John Paul II

ROME — European and American nationalists attending a conference Tuesday in Rome cheered Brexit, warned of left-wing “totalitarianism” and waxed nosta...
15:51 4 February 2022

IBM CEOs over the century; first and only woman is leaving

IBM has had just one female CEO in its century-long history.
23:33 30 January 2022

Ginni Rometty, 1st female CEO at IBM, to step down in April

ARMONK, N.Y. — Ginni Rometty, the first female CEO in IBM's century-long history, is leaving the helm in April.
23:05 30 January 2022

Matteo Salvini seeks power in Rome through regional victory

MILAN — Matteo Salvini is betting that the road to Rome runs through Emilia-Romagna.
13:53 24 January 2022

Old-fashioned No. 9′s are back in fashion in Serie A

ROME — Forget the false nine. Traditional No. 9’s are back in vogue in Serie A.
10:53 9 January 2022

Leaders of Turkey, Russia urge Jan. 12 cease-fire in Libya

BRUSSELS — Turkey and Russia called for a Jan. 12 cease-fire in war-torn Libya on Wednesday while European Union officials intensified diplomatic effo...
17:52 8 January 2022

Relic thought to be from Jesus’ manger arrives in Bethlehem

BETHLEHEM, West Bank — A tiny wooden relic that some Christians believe to be part of Jesus' manger arrived Saturday in its permanent home in the bibl...
19:09 30 November 2021

Italy’s ‘Sardines’ movement threatens Salvini’s dominance

ROME — In Italy’s polarized political landscape, a grassroots group calling itself “Sardines” is putting the squeeze on right-wing populist Matteo Sal...
11:23 29 November 2021

Pope taps fellow Jesuit as Vatican’s finance minister

VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis on Thursday appointed a fellow Jesuit to be the Vatican’s finance minister, filling a crucial position left vacant for mor...
13:25 14 November 2021

PM Conte defends Italy’s intelligence contacts with US

MILAN — Italian Premier Giuseppe Conte said Wednesday U.S. Attorney General William Barr was seeking information about the activities of FBI agents as...
18:39 23 October 2021