iOS uses scripting to automate target replication

When some projects are mature, there will be a need to automate configuration to generate a completely new project, no n...
12:17 1 July 2020

Detailed explanation of Dubbo SPI mechanism

From the principle of java spi in the previous article, we can see that java spi mechanism has the following disadvantag...
1:21 17 June 2020

Linux server implements Redis cluster

1, About Redis Redis is a large-scale cache middleware, which is widely used because of its powerful, efficient and conv...
3:35 13 February 2020

Python basics summary (short notes)

Python is a cross platform computer programming language. It is an object-oriented dynamic type language. Notes include the basic skills of compiling ...
4:53 14 January 2020

Ruby 2.x source code learning: memory management & GC

Preface data structure object space rb_objspace_t RVALUE heap rb_heap_t heap page heap_page_body heap_page_header heap_page_body heap_page memory mana...
22:36 6 April 2019

Decompiled Android APK on MAC - apktool, dex2jar, jd-jui installation (with manual signature)

This paper introduces the process of decompiling APK with powerful APK-Multi-Tool on Windows platform
23:51 2 January 2019