[recommendation for exploding liver] touch your hand and take you to the background management project (Chapter 4) integrate redis and add shiro permissions

previously on , this article is about dynamic permissions and dynamic directories, shiro's authorizer will trigger when...
3:57 9 October 2021

Shiro Learning - MD5 Encryption and Salt Value

Preface The previous article described how sh...
13:04 25 September 2021

springboot integrated shiro (full version)

The source code address is added at the end of the article. Friends who report errors can download it - updated on June ...
1:45 23 September 2021

UnavailableSecurityManagerException in Spring Boot integration shiro

Spring boot uses spring security by default. Spring security is a powerful security framework, needless to say. However,...
2:28 21 June 2020

Notes on writing ssm project

catalog matters needing attention: Output station scrambling a link submitted as post Form validation before submission...
1:44 15 May 2020

Spring Security has its own firewall!You don't know how secure your system is!

Previously, a small partner said that it would be better to write a Filter intercept request for Spring Security, which ...
22:05 11 May 2020

Shiro - Detail the Official Starting Cases from scratch!!!

First go to shiro's official website to download the source code
21:08 8 February 2020

springboot: shiro injecting dubbo service null pointer

Problem description When the springboot+dubbo+shiro microservice is set up recently, in the custom shiro's realm component: @Component public cla...
14:52 3 December 2019

spring cloud microservice architecture b2b2c e-commerce - common service project construction process

We will analyze the whole project of common service, record the whole construction process, and let more people to learn. First, before building the c...
9:59 6 November 2019