Thai city copes with sorrowful fallout from mass shooting

NAKHON RATCHASIMA, Thailand — Authorities in northeastern Thailand began releasing bodies to relatives Monday after security forces cornered and kille...
7:05 10 February 2022

Macy’s to close 125 stores, shed 2,000 corporate jobs

NEW YORK — Macy's said Tuesday it is closing 125 of its least productive stores and cutting 2,000 corporate jobs as the struggling department store tr...
22:39 4 February 2022

Amazon’s latest milestone: 150 million Prime members

NEW YORK — It was another prime Christmas for Amazon.
22:30 30 January 2022

Sale ending soon? How online stores trick you into buying

NEW YORK — Sale ending soon! Only two left! This is a hot item!
20:59 22 January 2022

Global markets mostly higher amid trade optimism

BEIJING — Global stock markets moved mostly higher on Friday amid optimism that U.S.-Chinese trade relations are improving and on early reports that o...
13:01 27 December 2022

On the Money: Tips to make the best of post-holiday shopping

NEW YORK — Holiday shopping doesn’t end with Christmas.
16:07 24 December 2021

Two Houston teenagers get Hopkins/Stills shopping spree

HOUSTON — Miracle Washington-Tribble didn't see much hope for her future.
7:07 24 December 2021

Holiday blues: French strikes hit Christmas shopping season

PARIS — Last year, it was the yellow vest protests. This year, it’s the strikes that have crippled Paris. The Christmas holidays aren’t proving to be ...
16:25 23 December 2021

Smart holiday shopping: Avoiding fake reviews and tricky ads

NEW YORK — There are lots of bargains online during the holidays, but also plenty of ways to get scammed, even at established outlets like Amazon.
17:19 16 December 2021

Where’s my Amazon package? It may be late

NEW YORK — It’s just a week into the holiday shopping season, and Amazon is already having trouble getting packages to shoppers’ doorsteps on time.
15:20 6 December 2021

Season’s greetings at Sears: Dingy shops, sparse shelves

NEW YORK — Nearly 10 months out of bankruptcy, Sears is limping into the holiday shopping season.
12:55 4 December 2021

UN agency: Europe leads in readiness for online shopping

GENEVA — The U.N.’s trade and development agency estimates that Europe, led by the Netherlands, leads the world in readiness for online shopping.
16:27 3 December 2021

Online shoppers boost small business sales

SAN FRANCISCO — Shoppers, many of them using smartphones, spent $3.6 billion buying online from small businesses on Saturday.
19:15 1 December 2021

Head start on holiday deals tempers Black Friday frenzy

NEW YORK — Black Friday enthusiasts woke up before dawn and traveled cross-state to their favorite malls in search of hot deals, kicking off a shorten...
22:03 29 November 2021

Holiday stress: Amazon, others under gun for 1-day delivery

NEW YORK — This year, holiday stress may take on a whole new meaning for online retailers.
13:47 28 November 2021

Providing a unique experience is retailers’ holiday strategy

NEW YORK — As Amy Witt prepared for the grand opening of her Dallas clothing store, she read up on the demise of thousands of chain stores this past y...
16:04 27 November 2021

Actor Lin-Manuel Miranda encourages shopping small

NEW YORK — With the holiday shopping season upon us, actor and “Hamilton” creator Lin-Manuel Miranda is encouraging people to take part in Small Busin...
13:39 27 November 2021

Empty stores along NYC’s 5th Avenue dressed for holidays

NEW YORK — Some vacant stores along New York City’s luxury shopping corridor will be dressed for Christmas as if retailers like Tommy Hilfiger and Ral...
13:25 27 November 2021

Macy’s weak earnings reflect more trouble at malls

NEW YORK — There’s more trouble for the nation’s malls heading into the crucial holiday shopping season.
20:41 21 November 2021

US retail sales rose a modest 0.3% in October

WASHINGTON — Americans stepped up their shopping last month, spending more online and buying more cars, evidence that consumers can still drive the ec...
13:55 15 November 2021

Sizing up the 2019 holiday shopping season for retailers

NEW YORK — With two weeks until the official start of the holiday shopping season, the nation’s retailers are gearing up for what should be another br...
15:43 14 November 2021

China’s Alibaba, JD report booming Singles Day sales

BEIJING — Chinese e-commerce giants Alibaba and reported a total of more than $55 billion in sales Monday midway through Singles Day, an annual...
9:15 11 November 2021

Millennial Money: Secrets of a Black Friday Shopper

My husband and I have a Thanksgiving routine. Before the family arrives or the turkey is carved, we gather in the living room. As Christmas music play...
13:26 5 November 2021

Retailers seek to stretch shortened holiday shopping season

NEW YORK — All they want for Christmas is more time.
13:30 1 November 2021