Tech-starved government seeks industry’s best, brightest

Denver — In this post-impeachment era of divisiveness and deadlock in the nation’s capital, Uncle Sam has a message for top U.S. technologists:
18:35 17 February 2022

Defective software could have doomed Boeing’s crew capsule

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — Defective software could have doomed Boeing's crew capsule during its first test flight that ended up being cut short late last...
17:57 7 February 2022

Why tech has been slow to fight wildfires, extreme weather

SAN FRANCISCO — For two years running , California’s wildfires have sent plumes of smoke across Silicon Valley. So far, that hasn't spurred much tech ...
12:38 22 January 2022

Boeing is working on a new software issue on the 737 Max

Boeing is working to fix a newly discovered problem with software powering up on the 737 Max, adding to the list of tasks the aircraft maker faces to ...
21:59 17 January 2022

Co-creator defends suspected UAE spying app called ToTok

ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates — The co-creator of a video and voice calling app suspected of being a spying tool of the United Arab Emirates defende...
19:02 2 January 2022

Python Advanced Software Technology

P1 sorting algorithm 1. Select So...
14:56 22 November 2021

Security firm says Chinese hackers intercepted text messages

WASHINGTON — Chinese hackers with a history of state-sponsored espionage have intercepted the text messages of thousands of foreigners in a targeted c...
13:29 31 October 2021

Racial bias in health care software aids whites over blacks

A widely used software program that helps guide care for millions of patients is flawed by unintentional racial bias that leads to blacks getting pass...
21:51 25 October 2021

Development record of grain Mall: 001-015 environment construction

Recently, I have been following the video to do the e-commerce project "grain mall" in Shang Silicon Valley. T...
20:07 12 September 2021