Stuck in Spain, Wuhan soccer team gets to watch Madrid-Barça

MADRID (AP) — It’s been a tough journey for the first-division soccer club from Wuhan, the city at the epicenter of the ...
12:03 28 February 2022

Plácido Domingo revises apology, as Spain drops more shows

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Opera star Placido Domingo amended his apology to the multiple women who have accused him of sexual...
21:05 27 February 2022

Spain takes first European moves against Plácido Domingo

MADRID (AP) — The Spanish government canceled upcoming performances by Plácido Domingo in Madrid on Wednesday following ...
20:58 26 February 2022

Messi demands calm after chaotic 2 months for Barcelona

BARCELONA, Spain (AP) — Barcelona has been hit recently by a series of setbacks on the field and conflicts inside the cl...
11:30 20 February 2022

Spain looks to adopt digital tax that has angered the US

LISBON, Portugal — Spain’s government approved Tuesday the introduction of new taxes on digital business and stock market transactions, following simi...
13:46 18 February 2022

Virus worries force cancellation of major tech show in Spain

LONDON — Organizers of the world’s biggest mobile technology fair are pulling the plug over worries about the viral outbreak from China.
20:28 12 February 2022

Spanish police arrest former oil executive sought by Mexico

MEXICO CITY — The former head of Mexico's state oil company was arrested Wednesday in Spain on a international warrant issued by Mexico, authorities s...
17:05 12 February 2022

Virus fears play out ahead of shrinking global tech event

LONDON — The impact on travel and commerce from the viral outbreak in China is playing out ahead of one of the world's biggest technology fairs schedu...
18:59 11 February 2022

Spanish government renews efforts to legalize euthanasia

LISBON, Portugal — Spain’s new Socialist-led government has launched another attempt to legalize euthanasia and doctor-assisted suicide.
16:27 11 February 2022

Spain searches for 67 missing at sea, rescues 119 others

MADRID — Spain on Tuesday resumed the search for 67 migrants missing from a boat trying to reach European shores a day after maritime authorities resc...
9:27 11 February 2022

Spain, UK see new virus cases; French focus on ski resort

LISBON, Portugal — The U.K. confirmed its fourth case of the new virus from China and Spain reported its second Sunday as European authorities pressed...
17:01 9 February 2022

Former NBA player Garbajosa revitalizes Spanish basketball

MADRID — A former NBA player who first got into basketball because it was the only sport with shoes big enough for him has been leading Spain to its m...
10:39 7 February 2022

Spanish government to begin talks with Catalania this month

BARCELONA, Spain — The Spanish government and the regional leaders of Catalonia will start holding formal talks this month in a bid to end one of the ...
14:22 6 February 2022

Virus impact: Airlines extend flights suspensions

BEIJING — Airlines are extending their suspension of flights to mainland China, while more retailers are putting an estimate on the economic damage th...
14:22 6 February 2022

Scientists dive into ‘Midnight Zone’ to study dark ocean

BARCELONA, Spain — A team of scientists is preparing to dive deep into the depths of the Indian Ocean — into a “Midnight Zone” where light barely reac...
7:25 5 February 2022

Isabel Allende talks about migration, life, aging and love

NEW YORK — Over the last year, Isabel Allende has been coping with loss and grief after the passing of her mother, a stepfather whom she “adored”, and...
19:48 29 January 2022

6 Catalan separatist prisoners return to regional parliament

BARCELONA, Spain — Six former members of Catalonia’s regional government have been escorted from prison to attend a hearing at the regional parliament...
8:47 28 January 2022

AP PHOTOS: Spanish towns embrace peculiar old festivals

ACEHUCHE, Spain — Spain has a rich tradition of colorful, and sometimes bizarre, festivals.
9:55 26 January 2022

Spain-Venezuela encounter by tarmac unleashes speculation

MADRID — A secretive meeting this week by the tarmac of Madrid's international airport between two prominent officials from Spain and Venezuela trigge...
23:48 23 January 2022

Storm Gloria kills 11 in Spain, causes wide coastal damage

MADRID — A calamitous storm has killed at least 11 people in Spain and left five others missing, as well as causing rivers to overflow their banks and...
14:58 23 January 2022

Winter storm lashes Spanish coast, leaves 4 dead, power cuts

MADRID — A winter storm lashed much of Spain for a third day Tuesday, leaving 200,000 people without electricity, schools closed and roads blocked by ...
16:43 21 January 2022

Spain declares climate emergency, gets climate plan ready

MADRID — Spain’s new government declared a national climate emergency on Tuesday, taking a formal first step toward enacting ambitious measures to fig...
13:00 21 January 2022

Catalan ex-police chief on trial for role in secession bid

MADRID — The former head of Catalonia's regional police and three others are standing trial on charges of rebellion and sedition for their alleged rol...
12:21 20 January 2022

Spain: Chemical plant explosion kills 1, injures at least 9

MADRID — A massive explosion at a petrochemical plant in northeastern Spain on Tuesday killed one person and injured at least nine others, three serio...
21:47 14 January 2022

Nadal urges tennis organizers to compromise on one World Cup

SYDNEY — Rafael Nadal won a revamped Davis Cup in November and he reached Sunday's final of the ATP Cup, the new international team competition.
13:47 12 January 2022

Spanish leader fails to form left-wing government on 1st try

MADRID — Spain’s interim Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez failed Sunday on the first of two chances to win the endorsement of the Spanish Parliament to fo...
12:03 5 January 2022

Djokovic clinches Serbia’s win; Nadal’s Spain beats Georgia

BRISBANE, Australia — Novak Djokovic got more than he bargained for in his first competitive match of 2020 before fending off Kevin Anderson 7-6 (5),...
17:07 4 January 2022

Spain: Socialists pin future government on Catalan’s release

MADRID — Two left-wing parties striving to form Spain's first coalition government in decades joined forces Monday announcing plans to hike taxes on t...
18:07 30 December 2022

In Gambia, heartache and few answers after migrant deaths

BARRA, Gambia — Tina Gomez told no one in her family when she boarded a boat with more than 200 people here in Gambia last month, setting off in hopes...
10:06 28 December 2022

Reports: UK family drowned in Spain didn’t know how to swim

MADRID — Spanish news reports said Thursday that a member of the British family whose father and two children died in a swimming pool on Christmas Eve...
17:14 26 December 2022