State elections

Poll pitch for India’s capital plays up growing divisions

NEW DELHI — Campaigning for a crucial state election in India's capital has reached a fever pitch as members of the Hindu nationalist-led government c...
5:01 7 February 2022

Election officials get training before 2020 voting begins

WASHINGTON — When state election officials gathered ahead of the last presidential election, major topics were voter registration, identity theft and ...
23:24 30 January 2022

Wisconsin appeals court puts voter rolls purge on hold

MADISON, Wis. — A Wisconsin appeals court on Tuesday put on hold an order to immediately remove up to 209,000 names from the state's voter registratio...
16:40 14 January 2022

AP Explains: Not all cyber threats equally worrisome

WASHINGTON — West Virginia reported unusual cyber activity targeting its election systems. The Texas governor said the state was encountering attempte...
6:23 10 January 2022

India’s ruling party loses key state election amid protests

NEW DELHI — Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Hindu nationalist party has lost a key state legislature election, a setback for the party as it fac...
6:13 24 December 2021

Analysis: Trump’s GOP has no answer for suburban slide

NEW YORK — The suburban revolt against President Donald Trump's Republican Party is growing.
6:02 6 November 2021

Election official rejects effort to recall Alaska governor

JUNEAU, Alaska — A state election official has cut short a fight over whether Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy should be recalled from office, saying Monday ...
0:15 5 November 2021

One-time rival of Germany’s Merkel assails her leadership

BERLIN — A one-time rival of German Chancellor Angela Merkel has assailed her leadership style, adding to tensions in her center-right party after its...
10:41 29 October 2021