GM churns out profit in 2019 despite strike, slumping sales

DETROIT — Despite a 40-day strike by factory workers and slumping sales in the U.S. and China, General Motors still made money last year.
14:19 5 February 2022

Strike by Seattle nurses, staff closes emergency rooms

SEATTLE — Thousands of nurses and other employees at a Seattle hospital system began a three-day strike over staffing levels and wages Tuesday, forcin...
19:03 28 January 2022

Despite renewed strikes, France pushes on with pension plan

PARIS — Women workers danced in protest and striking Eiffel Tower employees shuttered France's most famed monument Friday — but the government pushed ...
15:05 24 January 2022

Changing tack, French strikers turn off power to press govt

PARIS — Opening another front in their battle against the French government, protesting workers cut power to thousands of Parisians on Tuesday, plungi...
14:09 21 January 2022

Paris transit strike eases; commuters, tourists relieved

PARIS — Paris commuters who have battled through six weeks of misery-inducing transport strikes found their smiles again Monday as some subway workers...
14:49 20 January 2022

Splits in France’s strike movement trigger fears of violence

PARIS — A French government minister warned that seditious groups bent on violence were hijacking the protest movement against pension reform that has...
15:25 18 January 2022

Protests close Louvre museum in Paris amid pension strikes

PARIS — Dozens of protesters blocked the entrance to the Louvre museum and forced the famous Paris landmark to close Friday while they denounced the F...
21:22 17 January 2022

New street protests in France amid pension strikes

PARIS — Opponents of President Emmanuel Macron's proposed overhaul of France's pension system marched in Paris and other French cities Thursday on wha...
20:33 16 January 2022

Nationwide protest in France over pensions as talks continue

PARIS — Rail workers, teachers, doctors, lawyers and others joined a nationwide day of protests and strikes Thursday to denounce French President Emma...
10:33 9 January 2022

No end in sight for hobbling French rail strikes after talks

PARIS — France's government and unions appeared still far apart after talks resumed Tuesday over proposed pension reforms that have triggered record-s...
12:39 7 January 2022

French unions behind strikes get public funds

PARIS — As France's strikes entered their 26th day Monday, some in the country are questioning if the labor unions that are driving the crippling stop...
14:29 30 December 2022

AP PHOTOS: In despair, French hospital interns go on strike

MARSEILLE, France — Nestled in the cinderblock complex of Marseille’s sprawling La Timone hospital stands the intern residency building, home to a com...
13:08 24 December 2021

Holiday blues: French strikes hit Christmas shopping season

PARIS — Last year, it was the yellow vest protests. This year, it’s the strikes that have crippled Paris. The Christmas holidays aren’t proving to be ...
16:25 23 December 2021

French unions: Keep retirement strikes going through January

PARIS — France’s punishing transportation troubles may ease up slightly over Christmas — but unions plan renewed strikes and protests in January to re...
19:28 19 December 2021

Macron, under strike pressure, mulls changes to pension plan

PARIS — The French government launched negotiations with labor unions Wednesday on potential changes to a landmark pension reform bill that sparked cr...
19:15 18 December 2021

France on strike: Power cuts, schools shut, no Eiffel Tower

PARIS — French union activists cut electricity to nearly 100,000 homes or offices. Eiffel Tower staff walked off the job. Even Paris opera workers joi...
15:55 17 December 2021

French pension reform architect resigns as strikes drag on

PARIS — French President Emmanuel Macron's government suffered a blow Monday when the key architect of the pension overhaul resigned over alleged conf...
13:13 16 December 2021

Paris police arrest scores amid strike over pension reform

PARIS — Paris police fired tear gas at demonstrators Thursday as the Eiffel Tower shut down, France’s high-speed trains came to a standstill and hundr...
19:59 5 December 2021

Young and old march in unity, fear at French pension change

PARIS — Anger, solidarity, tear gas and frozen noses.
19:11 5 December 2021

Auto union now turns focus to Fiat Chrysler; strike possible

DETROIT — The United Auto Workers union on Monday turned its bargaining focus to Fiat Chrysler, raising the possibility of another strike against a De...
22:01 18 November 2021

Chicago teachers approve contract deal that ended strike

CHICAGO — Chicago teachers on Friday approved the contract deal that ended an 11-day strike and includes pay raises, $35 million to enforce limits on ...
9:59 16 November 2021

Little Rock teachers to go on strike over district’s control

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Little Rock teachers will go on strike for one day this week over an Arkansas panel's decision to strip their collective bargainin...
18:06 11 November 2021

Strike-ending deal will shape Chicago schools for years

CHICAGO — Chicago teachers and more than 300,000 students affected by an 11-day strike returned to classrooms Friday and a tentative agreement that en...
18:52 1 November 2021

The Latest: Teachers pleased, relieved strike is over

CHICAGO — The Latest on Chicago Public Schools teachers' strike (all times local):
2:51 1 November 2021

Anxious students felt pinch amid Chicago teachers strike

CHICAGO — Deadlines that affected Chicago students and striking teachers loomed over efforts this week to resolve a walkout that canceled classes for ...
20:22 31 October 2021

Chicago teachers strike ends after 11 days without school

CHICAGO — Chicago teachers and the nation's third-largest school district reached a labor contract deal on Thursday, ending a strike that canceled 11 ...
19:12 31 October 2021

Chicago teachers ok tentative agreement but strike goes on

CHICAGO — Chicago's teachers union voted to approve a tentative contract agreement with city officials, Wednesday, but have refused to return to work ...
2:34 31 October 2021

Hackles rise as Chicago teachers strike drags into day 10

CHICAGO — Chicago's mayor on Tuesday accused leaders of the city's powerful teachers union of using its "political agenda" to hold up a contract agree...
2:27 30 October 2021

GM 3Q profit falls 7% as auto workers strike cuts production

DETROIT — Only two weeks of a lengthy strike against General Motors happened in the third quarter, but that was enough to dent the company's net profi...
12:17 29 October 2021

Special needs families hope Chicago strike will bring change

CHICAGO — For seven school days, Mila Cohen's 14-year-old daughter retrieved her backpack and urged her mother toward the door — her usual morning rou...
13:24 26 October 2021