That orange seed you just spit out? Grow a tree

This undated photo shows a grapefruit and its seeds in New Paltz, N.Y. Citrus seeds are very easy to sprout and grow int...
13:22 25 February 2022

Tiny indigenous land highlights Brazil’s environmental woes

SAO PAULO — Their bodies painted black, dozens of members the Brazil’s Guarani Mbya tribe lift their hands and sing a mourning song for hundreds of fe...
0:32 5 February 2022

Extreme weather has gardeners looking for resilient plants

Fiercer and more frequent natural disasters in recent years have many homeowners re-evaluating their landscaping. Many are restocking with trees and p...
13:23 4 February 2022

Dog sleuths sniff out crop disease hitting citrus trees

WASHINGTON — Dog detectives might be able to help save ailing citrus groves, research published Monday suggests.
20:39 3 February 2022

RIGHT AT HOME: Reclaimed wood’s past adds character to decor

In their new book, ``Reclaimed Wood: A Field Guide’’ (Abrams, 2019), woodworkers Alan Solomon and Klaas Armster close with an imagined recounting of o...
13:46 29 January 2022

Sit tight, gardeners, the plants need to chill

Outdoor plants in cold climates need to bank a certain number of hours being chilly during the winter for their buds to awaken in the coming months. A...
13:55 28 January 2022

Rio residents try to bring green to a concrete jungle

RIO DE JANEIRO — Alê Roque wanders the untamed orchard in Rio de Janeiro, pushing aside leaves to point out what she helped plant last year. “This is ...
5:00 27 January 2022

Clones help famous elm tree named Herbie live on, for now

YARMOUTH, Maine — A massive elm tree nicknamed Herbie is long gone, but it is going to live on, thanks to cloned trees that are being made available t...
14:15 19 January 2022

Pothole Christmas tree inspires pastor to write holiday song

McCOMB, Miss. — A scraggly metal Christmas tree planted in a pothole has inspired a Mississippi minister to pen a holiday song.
20:29 24 December 2021

Cowboys for Trump group now says sand wasn’t from monument

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Iconic gypsum sand that the group Cowboys for Trump had said was from White Sands National Monument in New Mexico and was sent to ...
22:25 6 December 2021

The search is on for a red panda that escaped a French zoo

PARIS — A search is on for a red panda that broke out of a zoo in the Rhone region of southeastern France.
12:42 21 November 2021

High-tech chestnuts: US to consider genetically altered tree

SYRACUSE, N.Y. — Chestnuts harvested from high branches on a chilly fall morning look typical: they're marble sized, russet colored and nestled in pri...
6:18 6 November 2021