Trump impeachment

Former Ukraine diplomat Marie Yovanovitch has book deal

NEW YORK (AP) — Former Ukraine ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, the career diplomat who during the impeachment hearings of ...
19:23 21 February 2022

Army: No investigation into Vindman

WASHINGTON — Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy said Friday there is no investigation into the Army officer who until last week worked at the White House Na...
20:47 14 February 2022

With impeachment over, critics see Trump ‘retribution tour’

WASHINGTON — In the week since his acquittal on impeachment charges, a fully emboldened President Donald Trump is demonstrating his determination to a...
0:00 13 February 2022

After impeachment: Congress adrift, oversight uncertain

WASHINGTON — Inside the Capitol, it’s as if the impeachment of President Donald Trump never happened.
22:23 12 February 2022

The Latest: Bloomberg isn’t at debate, but he’s name-dropped

MANCHESTER, N.H. — The Latest on the 2020 Democratic presidential debate and the upcoming primary in New Hampshire (all times local):
3:18 8 February 2022

Payback: Trump ousts officials who testified on impeachment

WASHINGTON — Exacting swift punishment against those who crossed him, an emboldened President Donald Trump on Friday ousted two government officials w...
0:42 8 February 2022

Trump’s acquittal confronts Dems with election year choices

WASHINGTON — Donald Trump’s impeachment ended with a reminder of why House Speaker Nancy Pelosi resisted the idea for so long — an acquittal everyone ...
18:08 7 February 2022

McConnell remaking Senate in age of Trump, impeachment

WASHINGTON — Long before Donald Trump’s impeachment landed in the Senate, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell had one piece of advice for the president: F...
22:31 6 February 2022

Trump unleashes impeachment fury in acquittal ‘celebration’

WASHINGTON — Exulting in his impeachment acquittal, a defiant President Donald Trump took a scorched-earth victory lap Thursday, unleashing his fury a...
21:39 6 February 2022

Not guilty: Senate acquits Trump of impeachment charges

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump won impeachment acquittal Wednesday in the U.S. Senate, bringing to a close only the third presidential trial in A...
5:23 6 February 2022

Trump wins acquittal, but Ukraine saga far from over

WASHINGTON — The impeachment of President Donald Trump is over, but it's far from case closed on Ukraine.
1:44 6 February 2022

Vulnerable Democrat Doug Jones votes to convict Trump

WASHINGTON — Alabama Sen. Doug Jones, widely considered the Senate's most endangered Democrat, voted Wednesday to convict President Donald Trump as th...
23:06 5 February 2022

Senate so far split neatly along party lines on impeachment

WASHINGTON — The Senate is so far cleaving neatly along party lines in advance of Wednesday's virtually certain votes to acquit President Donald Trump...
18:51 4 February 2022

Trump trial closing arguments aim at voters, history

WASHINGTON — Closing arguments in President Donald Trump's impeachment trial unfolded Monday more for history than to sway votes, one final chance to ...
18:41 3 February 2022

AP FACT CHECK: Distortions in Trump’s case for acquittal

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump's impeachment defense appears to have cleared the bar as far as his fellow Republicans are concerned. But its adhe...
5:35 3 February 2022

Analysis: GOP sends message that Trump’s actions were OK

WASHINGTON — Republicans have decided it was OK.
17:45 1 February 2022

Trial highlights: After drama, quick vote to block witnesses

WASHINGTON — After a dramatic night and a day of expectation, the Senate voted in quick order Friday to block Democratic calls for new witnesses and d...
1:09 1 February 2022

Trump acquittal now likely Wednesday; Senate nixes witnesses

WASHINGTON — The Senate narrowly rejected Democratic demands to summon witnesses for President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial late Friday, all but e...
0:39 1 February 2022

GOP senators seek to acquit Trump without condoning conduct

WASHINGTON — There is no question, Sen. Lamar Alexander said, that President Donald Trump actions were “inappropriate” when he asked Ukraine's leader ...
22:10 31 January 2022

Trial highlights: Alexander decides, Dershowitz backtracks

WASHINGTON — An end to President Donald Trump's impeachment trial appears closer after one influential Republican senator said he would not support a ...
14:21 31 January 2022

Senate chaplain’s velvet voice cuts through impeachment fray

The impeachment trial of President Donald Trump doesn’t lack for strong speakers. But only one voice at the trial speaks to senators-turned-jurors abo...
5:09 31 January 2022

Key questions asked during Trump’s impeachment trial

WASHINGTON — The questions from senators at President Donald Trump's impeachment trial continued by the dozens on Thursday, with lawmakers inquiring a...
23:26 30 January 2022

Experts on Dershowitz’s impeachment defense: Quid pro whoa

WASHINGTON — Alan Dershowitz delivered a stunning defense of President Donald Trump in the Senate that would essentially make it impossible to impeach...
21:21 30 January 2022

Trump defense: Ukraine ‘quid pro quo’ not impeachable

WASHINGTON — In a striking shift from President Donald Trump's claims of “perfect” dealings with Ukraine, his defenders asserted Wednesday at his Sena...
1:37 30 January 2022

Asked and answered? Senators have their say in Trump trial

WASHINGTON — At last during the impeachment trial, they got to do what comes naturally in their native habitat: speak on the Senate floor.
1:16 30 January 2022

3 Senate Dems from red states waver on impeachment votes

WASHINGTON — As the Senate impeachment trial grinds toward a climax, it remains unclear how three Democrats will vote on whether to toss President Don...
0:00 30 January 2022

Fight over Bolton gives Romney a chance for Senate clout

WASHINGTON — It's Mitt Romney's big moment, again.
12:51 29 January 2022

Question time: What’s next in Trump’s impeachment trial

WASHINGTON — With opening arguments wrapped up in President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial, senators will now get a chance to ask questions. But the...
5:06 29 January 2022

Trial highlights: Trump defense urges end to impeachment

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump’s legal team on Tuesday concluded its three-day presentation as they started it — arguing that the Democrats’ case...
0:28 29 January 2022