How well new China virus spreads is focus of control efforts

Scientists are starting to fill in some key gaps in what's known about the new virus from China. New research suggests it spreads a little easier than...
18:55 30 January 2022

Century-old TB vaccine may work better if given in a new way

WASHINGTON — Scientists think they’ve figured out how to make a century-old tuberculosis vaccine far more protective: Simply give the shot a different...
18:02 1 January 2022

UN Libya migrant center plagued with crowding, TB, food cuts

TRIPOLI, Libya — The United Nations center in Libya was opened as an “alternative to detention,” a last, safe stop for migrants before they were reset...
18:21 6 December 2021

Mountain village embraces its legacy as cure center for TB

SARANAC LAKE, N.Y. — An Adirondack Mountain village that was put on the map as a cure center for tuberculosis is honoring its novel legacy.
14:02 1 December 2021