United Arab Emirates

Virus outbreak in Iran sickens hundreds, including leaders

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — After facing sanctions and the risk of war amid tensions with the United States, Iran...
13:31 28 February 2022

Amid virus, Saudis close Islam’s holiest sites to foreigners

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — Saudi Arabia on Thursday closed off the holiest sites in Islam to foreign pilgrims ov...
18:21 27 February 2022

An increasingly isolated Iran tries to control virus crisis

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — Iran girded Wednesday for a long battle against the coronavirus that is spreading rap...
17:37 26 February 2022

Iran says official who played down virus fears is infected

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — The head of an Iranian government task force on the coronavirus who had urged the pub...
17:24 25 February 2022

Iranian clerics keep shrines open, even as virus spreads

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — Shiite shrines that attract tens of millions of visitors annually have come under foc...
16:41 25 February 2022

Devices found in missiles, Yemen drones link Iran to attacks

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — A small instrument inside the drones that targeted the heart of Saudi Arabia’s oil in...
8:51 19 February 2022

Amnesty finds Saudi anti-terror court a weapon of repression

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Saudi Arabia has used a secretive court established to try terrorism cases as "a weapon of repression" to imprison peace...
7:19 6 February 2022

Dubai airport remains world’s No. 1 for international travel

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Dubai International Airport said on Wednesday that it maintained its title as the world's busiest for international trav...
6:30 5 February 2022

Abu Dhabi’s long-troubled Etihad sells 38 planes for $1B

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Abu Dhabi's long-troubled Etihad Airways said Tuesday it would sell 38 aircraft to an investment firm and a leasing comp...
18:34 4 February 2022

Muslim nations reject Trump’s Mideast plan in Saudi meeting

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Days after Gulf Arab states expressed their support for President Donald Trump's efforts at resolving the Israeli-Palest...
15:23 3 February 2022

The Latest: UAE suspends flights to China outside Beijing

BEIJING — The Latest on the outbreak of a new virus from China (all times local):
14:27 3 February 2022

Gulf Arabs back Trump’s Mideast efforts, but not peace plan

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — A tectonic shift in relations quietly underway for years now was on full display as representatives of Gulf Arab states ...
13:18 30 January 2022

UAE confirms 4 Chinese tourists have virus, first in Mideast

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — A family of four Chinese tourists in the United Arab Emirates on Wednesday became the first cases in the Mideast of a ne...
12:45 29 January 2022

World airports taking precautions after China virus ourbreak

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Airports around the world have begun taking precautions to deal with an anticipated influx of Chinese tourists taking Lu...
14:38 23 January 2022

Saudi crown prince’s WhatsApp linked to Bezos phone hack

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — The cellphone of Amazon founder and Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos was hacked in what appeared to be an attempt by Sau...
21:22 22 January 2022

‘Days of God’: A look at Iran’s mounting crises

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Iran's supreme leader says his nation is living through “days of God.”
12:50 17 January 2022

Video: 20 seconds of terror between missiles in Iran crash

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Iran's top diplomat acknowledged Wednesday that Iranians “were lied to" for days after the Islamic Republic accidentally...
17:10 15 January 2022

Iran warning puts thousands of European troops in spotlight

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — A warning by Iran's president that European forces in the Middle East could be at risk if their nations join the U.S. pr...
14:08 15 January 2022

For decades Iranians have risen up, only to be put down

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — The demonstrations that erupted after Iran admitted to accidentally shooting down a passenger plane during a tense stand...
12:20 13 January 2022

Defying police, Iranians protest over plane shootdown

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Iranian demonstrators defied a heavy police presence Sunday night to protest their country's days of denials that it sho...
16:38 12 January 2022

New Oman ruler vows to uphold late sultan’s peaceful policy

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Oman's new ruler, Sultan Haitham bin Tariq Al Said, vowed Saturday to uphold his predecessor Sultan Qaboos bin Said's fo...
15:42 11 January 2022

Oman state TV says Haitham bin Tariq Al Said is Oman’s new sultan after the death of longtime ruler Qaboos bin Said

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Oman state TV says Haitham bin Tariq Al Said is Oman's new sultan after the death of longtime ruler Qaboos bin Said.
6:47 11 January 2022

Oman state TV says authorities open letter by deceased Sultan Qaboos bin Said naming his successor, without elaborating

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Oman state TV says authorities open letter by deceased Sultan Qaboos bin Said naming his successor, without elaborating.
6:41 11 January 2022

Sultan Qaboos bin Said, who modernized Oman, dies at 79

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Oman’s Sultan Qaboos bin Said, the Mideast's longest-ruling monarch who seized power in a 1970 palace coup and pulled hi...
2:23 11 January 2022

Crash may be grim echo of US downing of Iran flight in 1988

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — The Western allegation that Iran shot down a Ukrainian jetliner and killed 176 people offers a grim echo for the Islamic...
12:13 10 January 2022

Risky Gulf Arab strategy tested by killing of Iran general

DUBAI, United Arab Emirate — U.S. allies in the Persian Gulf have loudly pushed for hawkish policies by Washington to pressure, isolate and cripple Ir...
8:23 9 January 2022

Iranian leader’s tears a sign of respect for slain general

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — In a rare display of emotion from the typically reserved and measured supreme leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei cri...
17:11 6 January 2022

Trump’s threats draw Iran’s cultural sites into tensions

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Iran's ancient and rich cultural landscape has become a potential U.S. military target as Washington and Tehran lob thre...
18:02 5 January 2022

Co-creator defends suspected UAE spying app called ToTok

ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates — The co-creator of a video and voice calling app suspected of being a spying tool of the United Arab Emirates defende...
19:02 2 January 2022

Pakistan sentences former dictator to death in treason case

ISLAMABAD — A Pakistani court on Tuesday sentenced the country's former military ruler Gen. Pervez Musharraf to death in a treason case related to the...
8:51 17 December 2021