Storm-swollen rivers surge in UK, severe flood alerts issued

LONDON (AP) — Residents in central England and Wales piled up sandbags, readied water pumps and hoped for the best Tuesd...
15:28 18 February 2022

Wales bears the brunt as Storm Dennis hammers Britain

LONDON — Storm Dennis hammered Britain Sunday, bringing a month's worth of rain in just 48 hours to parts of South Wales, which bore the brunt of the ...
17:25 16 February 2022

UK police use of facial recognition tests public’s tolerance

LONDON — When British police used facial recognition cameras to monitor crowds arriving for a soccer match in Wales, some fans protested by covering t...
9:17 16 January 2022

2 Aussie wildfires merge into inferno; man seriously burned

BURRAGATE, Australia — Two wildfires merged to form a massive inferno in southeastern Australia and a man suffered serious burns protecting a home, in...
11:55 11 January 2022

Australians leave homes as heat, winds escalate fire danger

EDEN, Australia — Communities across Australia’s fire-ravaged southeast were bracing for a long day of mounting danger on Friday as thousands abandone...
4:35 10 January 2022

Australia to pay ‘whatever it takes’ to fight wildfires

SYDNEY — Australia's government said Monday it was willing to pay “whatever it takes” to help communities recover from deadly wildfires that have rava...
10:57 6 January 2022

Australian prime minister is jeered in wildfire-ravaged zone

PERTH, Australia — Prime Minister Scott Morrison was confronted by angry residents who cursed and insulted him Thursday as he visited a wildfire-ravag...
3:49 2 January 2022

Cheers, tears, prayers for 2020: A new decade is ushered in

Revelers around the globe are bidding farewell to a decade that will be remembered for the rise of social media, the Arab Spring, the #MeToo movement ...
10:04 31 December 2022

New Year’s fireworks OK’d in Sydney as wildfire risk worsens

PERTH, Australia — Sydney will set off its iconic New Year's fireworks display after being granted an exemption to a total fire ban Monday as other Au...
8:08 30 December 2022

Sydney New Year’s fireworks to go ahead despite wildfires

PERTH, Australia — Sydney's iconic New Year's Eve fireworks will go ahead despite the wildfire crisis to show the world Australia’s resiliency, the pr...
6:33 29 December 2022

Thousands of koalas feared dead in Australia wildfires

PERTH, Australia — Thousands of koalas are feared to have died in a wildfire-ravaged area north of Sydney, further diminishing Australia's iconic mars...
8:43 28 December 2022

Australia firefighters brace for extreme heatwave at weekend

PERTH, Australia — Firefighters battling wildfires in Australia’s most populous state attempted to make headway Thursday amid favorable conditions, be...
6:38 26 December 2022

Wildfire-ravaged areas of Australia get holiday relief

PERTH, Australia — Areas of Australia that have been ravaged by deadly wildfires experienced temporary relief on Wednesday, but oppressive conditions ...
7:26 25 December 2021

Australia’s PM defends climate stance amid wildfire disaster

PERTH, Australia — Australia's embattled Prime Minister defended his government’s climate policy Monday, as authorities warned the wildfires crisis ra...
3:27 23 December 2021

Australia battles ‘catastrophic’ wildfires as PM rushes home

PERTH, Australia — Australia’s most populous state was paralyzed by “catastrophic” fire conditions Saturday amid souring temperatures, while one perso...
3:45 21 December 2021

2 firefighters die, 3 hurt as wildfires ravage Australia

PERTH, Australia — Two volunteer firefighters died Thursday while battling wildfires ravaging Australia’s most populous state, forcing Prime Minister ...
2:42 20 December 2021

Johnson’s win may deliver Brexit but could risk UK’s breakup

LONDON — Leaving the European Union is not the only split British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has to worry about.
14:30 14 December 2021

Smoke shrouds Sydney’s skyline as wildfires burn nearby

SYDNEY — Thick smoke from wildfires has shrouded Sydney and its surrounding areas with health experts warning residents with medical conditions to rem...
4:08 19 November 2021

Australian wildfires destroy homes and force evacuations

CANBERRA, Australia — Scores of wildfires continued to rage across vast tracts of Australia's drought-stricken east coast on Wednesday, forcing hundre...
6:45 13 November 2021

Winds fan ferocious fires in Australia’s most populous state

CANBERRA, Australia — Ferocious wildfires were burning at emergency-level intensity across Australia's most populous state on Tuesday as authorities w...
4:20 12 November 2021

3 dead, dozens injured as Australia wildfires raze homes

CANBERRA, Australia — Wildfires razing Australia's drought-stricken east coast have left three people dead and several missing, more than 30 injured a...
8:31 9 November 2021

The Latest: Truck with 39 dead came to England from Belgium

LONDON — The Latest on the death of 39 people in a truck container in southeastern England (all times local):
15:28 23 October 2021