New exhibit examines ballet’s lasting influence on fashion

NEW YORK — A crowning jewel of the new exhibit at the Fashion Institute of Technology is a feathered white tutu. It may look, to the untrained eye, li...
21:59 13 February 2022

Still eyeing Slam, Pliskova exits Australia; 1 US man left

MELBOURNE, Australia — Karolina Pliskova can make a strong case that she has the strongest resume of any active player not to win a Grand Slam singles...
9:50 25 January 2022

Tom Hanks’ family offered Greek passport too for fire help

ATHENS, Greece — Greece's government is extending its offer of citizenship to Tom Hanks to his wife and their two children, in recognition of the fami...
13:52 14 January 2022

Greece gives actor Tom Hanks honorary Greek citizenship

Tom Hanks may officially consider himself Greek.
14:04 27 December 2022

China’s Xi on investment drive in EU member Greece

ATHENS, Greece — Chinese President Xi Jinping is meeting political leaders in Greece on a trip aimed at furthering a major global investment initiativ...
9:33 11 November 2021