Klobuchar shifts on immigration before Nevada caucuses

LAS VEGAS — Democratic presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar says she no longer believes English should be the national language of the U.S., disavowin...
5:44 15 February 2022

In interview, Klobuchar, Steyer can’t name Mexican president

Democratic presidential hopefuls Amy Klobuchar and Tom Steyer were stumped when asked during a televised interview in Nevada to name the Mexican presi...
21:30 14 February 2022

The man behind China’s detention of 1 million Muslims

After bloody race riots rocked China’s far west a decade ago, the ruling Communist Party turned to a rare figure in their ranks to restore order: a Ha...
21:07 24 November 2021

Isolated Iceland newly vulnerable to computer scams

REYKJAVIK, Iceland — "Hi, I hope you are not busy?"
9:13 22 November 2021

Tokyo Olympics: Japanese, English _ but where’s the French?

TOKYO — The French language has been almost invisible during the drawn-out preparations for next year’s Tokyo Olympics.
10:38 21 November 2021

Font reading and display of dot matrix Chinese characters and file transmission through serial port

1, Serial port transmission file 1. Serial port connection Cross connect the RXD and TXD pins of the two USB TO TTL seri...
6:00 19 November 2021

Simulation of alarm mode control for Proteus sensor + gas concentration detection

catalog Simulation of alarm mode control for Proteus sensor + gas concentration detection 1 understanding of experim...
21:57 25 June 2020

PCA topic of R language principal component

12.3 Based on the principal component analysis of the scores of 50 students in the table below, how many comprehensive v...
2:20 13 June 2020

Python notes: drawing nine visual graphics with Pyecharts

First install the module conda install pyecharts perhaps ...
11:31 9 May 2020

Element modification of java: list collection

The principle is to delete the old elements before adding new ones, not to modify the old elements directly ...
6:27 5 May 2020

Smali Introduction Manual

Smali grammar learning summary 1, About Smali 2, Smali syntax 1. Data type (1) Basic types (2) Reference type 2. Bas...
4:42 6 March 2020

If the COVID-19 epidemic as a stock factor

This paper uses the WindAlpha single factor research framework of wankuang platform to explore the impact of COVID-19 ep...
3:25 15 February 2020

[Python] Python game--Airplane battle

1. Preface Today is the fourth day of the lunar new year. The Spring Festival when we are comfortable lying down at home is over. We are also startin...
22:00 28 January 2020

R script reading summary Excel table data

It mainly uses xlsx and rJava package, opens Excel file, reads data of each table, and writes it to summary table. The following figure shows the ori...
21:25 2 December 2019

ARM assembler for ARM learning

ARM assembly language program structure In ARM (Thumb) assembly language program, the code is organized by program segments. Segments can be divided ...
9:55 18 November 2019

8086 assembly basic masm compilation source file

IDE : Masm for Windows Integrated experimental environment 2015 OS : Windows 10 x64typesetting : Markdown blog : gitee : g...
10:03 15 October 2019