Trump not a ‘Parasite’ fan, praises ‘Gone with the Wind’

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump is apparently not a fan of Oscar winner “Parasite,” his biggest complaint being...
19:07 21 February 2022

James heads to Springfield to see son before playing Celtics

BOSTON — Lakers star LeBron James took in his son's high school game in Springfield, Massachusetts, on Monday afternoon before returning to Boston to ...
5:05 21 January 2022

Gender gap opens among Hispanics who could be key in 2020

5:08 23 December 2021

Why some cities and states balk at face recognition tech

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. — Police departments around the U.S. are asking citizens to trust them to use facial recognition software as another handy tool in ...
19:27 17 December 2021

Summary of common Spring Boot annotations

Summary of common Spring Boot annotations ...
1:46 7 December 2021

spring -- behavior analysis of proxy object during nested call of Java Proxy and Cglib methods

spring -- failure analysis of Java Proxy and Cglib method nested call proxy This paper mainly analyzes the different rea...
20:53 5 December 2021

spring security authorization (custom) and source tracking

spring security authorization (custom) and source tracking ...
13:29 2 December 2021

A new test method for Spring Boot

After getting used to unit testing, if some codes are not tested before submission, they always feel empty and have no c...
9:37 1 December 2021

springboot uses AOP to implement custom log saving

Preface Previously, there was a test blog about springboot Face-to-Face AOP, which gives you a brief overview of the ord...
8:19 1 December 2021

Global exception handling in Spring (Practical)

I believe everyone has used try catch to handle exceptions when writing code, especially in the back-end interface calle...
17:18 29 November 2021

ssm integration configuration, understanding of the role of each layer of ssm, interpretation of configuration files of each layer of ssm, web program startup and web.xml understanding

Tomcat server load order Tomcat startup When tomcat starts, it will load the web.xml file. When loading the web.xml file...
11:20 29 November 2021

Mybatis:Mybatais Generator reverse engineering from scratch

Mybatis Generator reverse engineering from scratch ...
9:55 29 November 2021

Is AOP in Spring Boot JDK dynamic proxy or Cglib dynamic proxy?

As we all know, the underlying layer of AOP is dynamic agent, and there are two ways to implement dynamic agent in Java:...
5:25 29 November 2021

Initialization of Spring @Bean instance

brief introduction We all know that Spring ha...
23:35 26 November 2021

Configure logback log for spring boot

Configure logback log for spring boot As mentioned in the previous introduction to spring boot, the default log print of...
19:14 26 November 2021

springboot integrates wechat payment V3 and uses JSAPI to order the whole process. It is easy to read without calling a third-party package (complete source code) and can be enjoyed out of the box

@TOC preface At present, due to the need of the project, a wechat payment function is used for wechat applet. I've been ...
12:40 26 November 2021

SpringCloud microservice practice -- building an enterprise development framework: realizing multi tenant function based on MybatisPlus plug-in TenantLineInnerInterceptor

Basic concepts of multi tenant Technology: Multi tenancy Technology (English: multi tenancy Technology), or multi tenanc...
6:43 26 November 2021

Sarah Sanders eyes possible run for governor of Arkansas

HOT SPRINGS, Ark. — Former White House press secretary Sarah Sanders is laying the groundwork for a possible run for governor of Arkansas in 2022.
0:58 25 November 2021

How to "ingenious" complex attributes in spring IOC, spring MVC source code book

1, Write in front ========== Hello, Hello, I'm grey ape, ...
7:54 24 November 2021

@LoadBalanced annotation principle

Integrating Ribbon with RestTemplate Spring p...
5:54 23 November 2021

Pollstar says U2 top touring act over the last decade]

NEW YORK — It was a beautiful decade for U2 on the touring front, as the Rock and Roll Hall of Famers raked in over $1 billion in sales to be named th...
14:18 22 November 2021

Section 3 of IntelliJ IDEA plug-in development: develop toolbar and Tab page to display stock market and K-line

Continue to adhere to the original output, click the blue word to pay attention to me Author: Xiao Fu GeBlog: https://b...
8:22 22 November 2021

Implement distributed locks based on Spring aop and redisson (set lockName flexibly)

1. What you should already know when reading this article Spring boot framework is basically used (I use spring cloud di...
2:27 22 November 2021

15 Grammy facts: Michelle Obama in, Bruce Springsteen out

Fifteen things worth noting about Wednesday’s nominations for the 2020 Grammy Awards, from snubbed singers to the comeback kids.
21:30 20 November 2021

Cereal mall project (learning Note 6)

Chapter V: goods and services - platform attributes 1, Attribute grouping ...
14:40 20 November 2021

Spring boot integrates Minio file storage

background The company's development framework...
5:59 20 November 2021

Microservice scenario building (simulation)

1. Create parent project In microservices, you need to create multiple projects at the same time. First, you need to cre...
18:42 19 November 2021

Spring cloudalibaba Learning Series dubbo custom Filter

catalogue 1, Introduction 2, Actual combat 1. Create filt...
17:37 19 November 2021

RESTFul and SSM cases

1. RESTFul 2.1 what is RESTFul ...
19:22 17 November 2021

Spring Principle in-depth 01: What is Spring? Spring Basic Mechanisms? IOC? AOP

01-What is Spring? Spring is a lightweight fr...
11:45 11 November 2021